I cannot say enough about how much Lindsay has done for our dog Emme and our family.  When we adopted Emme she had clearly not been socialized and was so scared and timid.  As time went on she warmed up to our family, but in such a way that she only wanted to be around us and began acting aggressively toward anyone else.
We knew we needed help and had heard great things about Lindsay Dent and her training methods.  What a difference she has made in our lives! Emme is no longer that scared little dog hiding behind me and is well behaved when people visit our home.  We learned from Lindsay not only methods on correcting our dog’s behavior but also ours. Without even knowing it we had been enabling her fearful behavior (by babying her).  Definitely a wake up call.
We are so grateful to have found Arizona Custom Canine and will be using Lindsay again when we get our next dog.  I guess I can sum up by saying Lindsay is a truly special person with a very special gift. Emme absolutely adores her and we think she is pretty awesome too!
Tammy R.
Scottsdale, AZ